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The main lesson from yesterday’s webinar was that the move from Convention to Partenariat went well in the London case because everyone involved wanted it to be a success: the AEFE, the Ambassy, the teachers, the school direction and the Parents (even the kids!). 
Here in Hong Kong the situation is quite different: 
– The AEFE does not recommend it. Mr. Negrel was very clear yesterday. 
– The Consul General is agnostic but suggests there are some issues to solve first with the school governance.
– The Teachers have just released a poll where they express at 85% that Convention is better suited and that the AEFE relationship isn’t the main problem. 
– The Parents are divided and the fracture grows bigger every day
– The Board was not elected to conduct that change and is now embarked in a spending frenzy for their campaign. 
– Furthermore, we have to implement the New Baccalaureat for 2020, renovate Jardines’ finish TKO, etc

Why doesn’t the board see that Partenariat may be the greatest idea for the Hong Kong LFI’s future but that the conditions are not being met for a rushed move now. It’s a bit like insisting to go out at sea with Typhoon 8 being hoisted because you have a great boat and think you are a great navigator. 

What on Earth is Going On?


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