Consultation electronique – Day 1

Just to make sure no one gets confused about the meaning behind the words, the 2 options for the consultation are:

– Partnership : CHANGE of relationship with AEFE.
– New Convention : NO CHANGE in relationship with AEFE.

Also, some parents are reporting that the consultation says that the new contract will take effect in September 2020 for both case. This is a mistake that needs to be corrected for clarity. Please report it to if you have the same issue.

Nous avons publié un nombre important de documents hier:

Vous trouverez ci-dessous deux messages du chat WhatsApp LFI action en reaction à la communication d’un des membres du CA à la filière internationale. 

HL: « FIS was set up as a home away from home for the French community, for more than 50 years, our children are educated and emerged IN (not under) the French system by responsible and excellent teachers. Despite many issues about how the school is being run, this vote is not about this, our vote may trigger an overhaul of the DNA of our school. Looking ahead, we are sure ~ more than 6m to hire consultants, over 5m pay back to L’AEFE, expat teachers will leave in coming months; nothing else is planned. May I ask – do we really want to conduct this experiment on our children?? »

MS:  » Can’t agree more. For local parents like me, I chose FIS because it is “French” International school but not another ESF, German Swiss or HKIS. School should be run by teaching professionals, ie. teachers and principals etc. and should not be “hijacked” by a bunch of opinionated parents. This has become the trend in many local schools, nonteaching professional teaching the teachers to how teach, which is pathetic and contribute to the ridiculous environment in HK. Don’t make FIS become one of them. To me is pretty clear and obvious, when somebody keeps on telling you one option is definitely better than the other without any objective views, something must be wrong with that “perfect” option. The school and its system may not be perfect, however it needs an improvement but not revolution. « 

Emmanuel Marchand:
Hello everyone, 
Since March 30th 2019, when I published my first SWOT analysis on this WhatsApp group “LFI Action”, many events have happened around the debate “New Convention / Partnership” impacting the future of our French International High School of Hong Kong. My thirst to understand the situation had pushed me to carry out this study. Since then, I have met a group of like-minded people, eager for transparency and objectivity in this decision process. You have come to know this group LFI action, well now. Many of you have encouraged us and thanked us for our determination, efforts and the results achieved. Our LFI Action’s website traces everything since its creation.
Today, May 12th 2019, and after listening, reading, exchanging, debating and analysing on this subject which concerns the whole community and in addition to all our publications, we are sharing with you a SWOT analysis_V4.0, which will perhaps help you make a final choice, which you will reflect in the vote we are ALL called from tomorrow, May 13th to May 15th.
We wish you all a good reading. Please keep on asking questions
Emmanuel Marchand with the support of the entire LFI Action team

Bonjour à tous,
Depuis le 30 mars 2019, date à laquelle j’avais publié sur ce groupe WhatsApp LFI action, ma première SWOT an alysis, beaucoup d’évènements se sont passés autour du débat Nouvelle Convention / Partenariat impactant l’avenir de notre lycée Français International de Hong Kong. Ma soif de comprendre la situation m’avait poussé à réaliser cette étude. Depuis, j’ai rencontré un groupe de personnes, qui comme moi, étaient aussi avides de transparence et d’objectivité. Ce groupe, LFI action, vous le connaissez bien maintenant et beaucoup d’entre vous nous encouragent et nous remercient des résultats déjà obtenus. Notre site Web y retrace tout depuis sa création.
Aujourd’hui 12 Mai 2019, et après avoir écouté, lu, échangé, débattu sur ce sujet qui préoccupe l’ensemble de la communauté et en complément de toutes nos publications, nous partageons avec vous une SWOT analysis_V4.0 qui vous aidera peut-être dans votre choix final de vote auquel nous sommes tous appelés à partir de demain 13 mai et ce jusqu’au 15 mai.
Je vous souhaite à tous une bonne lecture. Continuez a poser des questions!
Emmanuel Marchand et le soutien de toute l’équipe LFI action


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