Let’s talk about our kids! by Luc Moulin

Ci-joint un texte de Luc Moulin. Luc fut l’un des modérateurs de la réunion du 2 mai à BPR. Sa contribution fut appréciée de tous. Nous le remercions encore pour cela et pour le texte qui suit.

A few hours before the vote, but most importantly a few weeks before some of our kid’s final exams, after all this debate, my main thought is for them, our kids, all of them!

My thought goes to this small group of super talented students, who have worked so hard, will get top marks and will join some of the best universities around the world. They will make me proud for their contribution to continue building our excellent school academic reputation. Proud of this school, that has given them the right environment to pursue their dreams in this hard and brave direction. And also proud that these most brilliant kids, thanks to our school, have gone through these years of successes while giving them the opportunity grow, live and share with different kids.

My though also goes to an other minority, all these other kids who, for many years, did not have the capacity or the ambition to follow the same path. These smart kids who have gone through years of difficulties, having bad marks regularly, asking themselves a lot of questions about their future and having a lot of frustration while building their own personality. They will make me very proud of our school thanks to whom they will also have the opportunity to celebrate with their friends and be proud of successfully pass an important step of their young life. I am proud of our school that has accompanied them without threatening them to be expelled and has found the way to give them the confidence to build their personality and demonstrate that they can do it!

Finally I am also thinking of the largest kids population, the one in the middle of this two minorities, who will also get good or very scores at their exams and will also join universities all around the globe.  Many of them have gone through their path without really knowing what they want for their future, but I am proud that they got the opportunity to evolve in a diverse and rich environment. They have seen and lived with friends with different profiles, nationalities, ambitions and results. I am proud that they did not have to say goodbye to this friend who despite that he always had the lowest marks has never been judged by the school of not being good enough for the group. I am proud of this school that manages to integrate until the end this friend who was a great DJ or was spending all his time at another passion, or just never managed to be passionate by Mathematics or Chinese learning,

This School that I am so proud of is our French International School in Hong Kong!

A fantastic school that has constantly evolved over time.

A top school that has grown extremely fast recently, welcoming an always-larger diversity of kids and offering the choice of two different streams.

A school that every year welcomes kids who are starting a  2-3 years journey in Hong Kong, ensuring the continuity of their chosen curriculum and a smooth transition when they will go back to France or move to another country.

A school with this so unique competitive advantage to be deeply anchored in the French culture and strongly supported by the French authority.

I strongly believe this is the result of a lot of work from our fantastic academic and non academic team, who is also diverse, but still tries to work as one team in the best interest of the kids.

I also strongly believe it is the result of a system that gives to the parents and their representatives a strong power to define the school strategy and vision, while also giving them the capacity to work closely with the academic team. 

But, also a system that is clearly respecting the independence of the education experts, the headmasters and their teams. This independence so absolutely critical to make sure decisions in this area are made in the best interest of ALL the kids and not under the influence of some naturally emotional parents.

I finally strongly believe that today, in our current environment, the only system to give us a strong Board, who will continue to develop and modernise our fantastic school, and a contractual guaranty of the pedagogical independence and the France anchorage and support, is the convention with AEFE.


I will  vote NO, to the Board recommendation to move to the PARTENARIAT.

I will vote YES to the choice of the CONVENTION and its new updated version


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